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Nail Calcium #4002055

The calcium is one of the principal constituent ones of the nails. Thip product contains Calcium Pantotenato, which it revitalizes, nourishes the nail, avoiding his deterioration. It can be used only or like base on that to apply your favorite color of nail poslish.

Nail polish #4001

Pearl and cream nail polish, which assure long durability and big resistance.

Nail Top Coat + Quick Dry #04002071

This polish guarantee a perfect finish to the coloured nail lacquer, giving the lacquer a new lease oh life. It protects the polish against chipping, smudging, adds luste and shine. Core drying time 3'30".

Nail tractament Quick dry #4002059

Quick Dry over freshly applied manicure to instantly protect its surface and cut down waiting time. It contains a volatile surfacing agent that creates a slippery coating to protect the polish from smudging and shocks while drying nail polish. It allows you to make use of your hands before the nail enamel is dried out without ruining your manicure.

Fruit Fragance Nail Polish #4007

Be surprised with this new fruity nail polish, wrapyourself in our pleasant and resh smell of coconut, kiwi, orange, lychee, chocolate, mint, apple, vanilla, strawberry and mil.honey.

Liquid Instant Nail #4002075

A tripe immediate response of soft, thin and weak nails inclined to split, to scale off and to break, The Liquid Instant Nail is the first nail polish on the market that constructs an immediate volume on the nail, to form a protective shield that hardens the nail surface, offers an active effective protection, and the technology that guarantees that the effects follow still active after suspended the treatment.

Esmalte Acabado Mate #4002077

Es una última capa de protector de larga duración que da a su laca una textura innovadora de acabado mate, para un acabado satinado único y efectos artísticos.

Nail Whitening Nail Mask #4002078

Peel-off treatment that helps remove yelowness out of nails by use of natural extract know to have a brightening effect on the keratin.
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